It’s that time before a big adventure when times seems to move as slow as molasses. At the same time, I know my trip departure will be here before I know it. When I think about it, I get excited and stressed. There’s so much to do and learn in order to be ready to produce the show. But after being cooped up in my lovely, small town (Rockport, Texas) for more than a year, I can’t wait to be on the road.

Last week, I was interviewed by Ira Pastor on his podcast called Progress, Potential, and Possibilities. We talked about all the things–how I started my career on weapons of mass destruction (WMD), why I started writing fiction, quitting my job and leaving DC to start a new career in film and television, and of course, my plans for Radioactive RoadTrippin’ (R&R). In the conversation, I partly blame my dad (in jest) for my ability to think about worst cast scenarios and apocalyptic futures. I found out that he watched the interview this week; not sure he’s happy about that bit, but we’ve yet to talk about it.

There are some big milestones coming up!

Allegedly, I will be getting my truck in late June. I ordered it back in early March, and it has been delayed significantly due to supply chain issues (microchips for one). I’d wanted to get it months in advance of the camper to practice driving it around. I’ve driven a Mini Cooper for more than ten years now, and a Ford F-350 Super Duty with dual rear wheels will be a major adjustment. I’ve got a few Go-Pro cameras so I plan on capturing the experience on camera. I’ll be driving in my first-ever, brand new pick-up truck. I’m sure it will be entertaining. Finally, I’ll feel like I fit in around here in the land where folks have his and her trucks.

The camper is on schedule to come off the assembly line in early July. That means I’ll be picking up my camper in Austin (3.5 hour drive from here) by the end of the month–just in time to try it out for a three week trip up to Michigan and Minnesota to see friends and family.

I’m also prepping for my first Vlog episode as well as the pilot episode of the show. My designer and I are still working on the animated intro. In the meantime, I need to start writing up a script (what I’m going to say) and making a shot list (still images and video footage to collect).

Just writing this, I feel my stomach tighten with a mix of nerves and excitement. I’m in the midst of the anticipation game. It’s my least favorite part of an adventure because it’s the period before I actually know that I can do what I’ve set out for myself. Even when skydiving, I’m better at the free fall than waiting to jump out of the plane.

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