In this episode, I take a drive through the former Secret City of Oak Ridge Tennessee where fissile material for the Manhattan Project and U.S. nuclear weapons were produced. I’ll also get a chance to hear from Ray Smith and have interspersed his stories throughout the video.

Special thanks to the Outrider Foundation, the Jubitz Family Foundation, and the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies for providing funding and support.

Image Credits:

1. Military checkpoint – Ed Westcott / U.S. Department of Energy

2. Clinton Engineering Works map – Arthur S. Hardyman

3. Y12/Oak Ridge National Laboratory – U.S. Department of Energy

4. Graphite reactor – Ed Westcott

5. Calutron workers – Ed Westcott / US Army / Manhattan Engineering District

6. Gaseous diffusion plant (K-25) – U.S. Department of Energy

7. Thermal diffusion plant (S-50) – Ed Westcott

8. Gun type vs implosion design – Fatfission

9. Norris dam – Brian Stansberry



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