In this episode, I invite you behind the scenes into my writer’s room for a preview of Radioactive RoadTrippin. You’ll watch me pitch the pilot episode to three nuclear weapons experts and get their take on how I should best proceed. I ask them to guess how many nuclear weapons related sites I found in Texas, and together, they get it right. The pilot episode will help me show production studios and distribution companies what I’m planning to do, in the hopes of getting more funding for the show. I also provide some more insight into why I’m taking on this crazy adventure in the first place.

Note: The U.S. government ceased atmospheric testing in 1962 (not 1963). In 1963, many nations came together to sign the Limited Test Ban Treaty, which among other things banned atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons due to the dangers of radioactive fallout. Special thanks to the Outrider Foundation and Jubitz Family Foundation for providing funding to plan, film, and edit my pilot episode.

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