Description and Logos

Nuclear Spin Cycle Productions proudly presents Radioactive RoadTrippin’ (R&R) in 2022—a travelogue show about nuclear weapons produced for YouTube. R&R tells the story of a disillusioned nuclear weapons expert who hits the road for a year, traveling across the United States in a truck camper with her two dogs and hoping to make a midlife transition from a long-time career as a national security expert in Washington D.C. to a TV and film producer in Texas. Along the way, she visits more than 65 historical and current sites of the U.S. nuclear weapons complex, chats with locals and experts about the risk of nuclear war, and documents her own life-changing journey. To feature R&R in your media piece, download the one-pager and show logos.

Bios and Headshots

Natasha E. Bajema, Ph.D., is the CEO and founder of Nuclear Spin Cycle Productions. Natasha serves as the executive producer, director, writer, cinematographer, sound engineer, and primary talent for R&R. For more information, download the R&R full description. For more information about the team members, download the full bios and headshots.