In this episode, I visit Amarillo Texas, also known as Bomb City to the locals. This is a reference to last remaining nuclear assembly (and disassembly) plan in the United States. The Pantex Plant manufactures nuclear weapons, maintenances them and breaks down retired weapons, making he Pantex Plant one of the most critical facilities in the U.S. nuclear weapons complex. In the event of nuclear, war it puts Amarillo at the top of the target list. And the rest of the time, the area faces the risk of a nuclear weapons accident and damage to the environment and human health. I had the opportunity to speak to Katie Braughton, the Pantex Plant historian. She gives a comprehensive overview of the plant’s history, its evolving mission set and discusses how they address any safety issues associated with the world’s most destructive weapons.

Special thanks to the Outrider Foundation, the Jubitz Family Foundation, and the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies for providing funding support.

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Image Credits: Weapon Type Diagram – Pantex Plant U.S. Nuclear Weapons Complex Diagram – U.S. Government Accountability Office Nuclear Weapons Routes – Radioactive Waste Campaign Images of nuclear weapons facilities – National Nuclear Security Administration –


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