In this episode, I interview Richard Miller, a long-time expert on industrial safety and the author of many books on the impact of U.S. nuclear testing including Under the Cloud and The U.S. Atlas of Nuclear Fallout, 1951-1962.

From 1951 to 1962, the U.S. government dropped 100 nuclear weapons on the state of Nevada, not far from Las Vegas in what is now called the Nevada Test Site. Although the government measured the radioactive fallout from each of these aboveground tests, it did not make the data public until 1997. These tests have since been linked to clusters of rare cancer and increased cancer rates around the United States. In the interview, we discuss how he was able to plot the radioactive fallout across all counties in the United States and the impact of his book on my own perceptions.

Special thanks to the Outrider Foundation and Jubitz Family Foundation for providing funding to plan, film, and edit my pilot episode. To learn more about nuclear weapons, visit


To purchase books by Richard Miller: Under the Cloud: Decades of Nuclear Testing – The U.S. Atlas of Nuclear Fallout, 1951-1962 –


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  • Very informative and very scary… it’s amazing how little we know about this topic. Thank you for informing us of things we SHOULD know!