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Taking a Drive through the Secret City (Oak Ridge, Tennessee)

In this episode, I take a drive through the former Secret City of Oak Ridge Tennessee where fissile material for the Manhattan Project and U.S. nuclear weapons were produced. I’ll also get a chance to hear from Ray Smith and have interspersed his stories throughout the video. Special thanks to the Outrider Foundation, the Jubitz…

The U.S. Government Tested Nuclear Weapons in Mississippi? (Baxterville)

In this episode, I get a tour of a former nuclear weapons test site near Baxterville, Mississippi from a regional forester. The U.S. government conducted two underground nuclear weapons in the 1960s, making this one of my most surprising discoveries over the course of my trip. Special thanks to the Outrider Foundation, the Jubitz Family…

Nuclear Weapons in Everglades National Park?!? (Florida)

In this episode, I visit Everglades National Park near Homestead, Florida to tour a former Nike Hercules missile system site. From 1962 until 1979, nuclear-armed missiles were stationed in the middle of this breathtaking national park. These surface-to-air missiles were intended for air defense purposes and designed to protect the Miami-Homestead area from a Soviet…

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