Get Involved

It takes a village to produce a show, even for distribution on YouTube. If you’re interested in getting involved with R&R, there are many different options.

PATREONBecome a patron of the show for only two dollars a month or more depending on the tier you select. You’ll get a monthly newsletter with exclusive updates, access to behind-the-scenes content, digital copies of my fiction and graphic novels, exclusive merchandise and much more.

FUNDING – Though small production by Hollywood standards, R&R is an ambitious project for a start-up company with limited funding. The total estimated budget for 24 episodes is about $330K, excluding marketing costs. Funding needs include travel, digital media, equipment, post-production assistance, and marketing. Ideas for achieving a return on investment can be explored depending on the funding amount; a nonprofit sponsor is involved and can receive grants to support the show.

JOIN THE WRITER’S ROOM – Ever dream of being part of a writer’s room for a TV show? This is your opportunity. R&R is looking for 2-3 experts to help shape the story for each episode. You could join for a single thematic episode of interest or for the entire show. Every writer in the room will get credits for relevant episodes.

RECRUIT A CELEBRITY FOR AN INTERVIEW – To help attract an audience, R&R will interview celebrities about their thoughts on nuclear weapons: over Zoom, in person along the route, or on a site visit (travel expenses not included).

BECOME A PRODUCTION ASSISTANT – Interested in firsthand production experience? Join R&R as an unpaid intern (until show gets funded) and help out with logistics, planning, writing, and video editing.

SIGN UP FOR A RIDE-ALONG OR A FIRESIDE CHAT – A major part of R&R will entail conducting interviews with experts of all kinds along the route. Experts are invited to participate in a recorded interview by hopping in the truck and driving to a nearby site or visiting a campsite for a fireside chat (roasted marshmallows provided).

POST-PRODUCTION ASSISTANCE – R&R would greatly benefit from expert post-production assistance to make the final product look as professional as possible.

HELP WITH PROMOTION – Once episodes are released, you could help spread the word about R&R on social media, in email newsletters, etc. Every little bit counts.

For more information, shoot an email to info (at)